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Traditional Media Meets Modern Technology

The influence of printed design has been growing on the web, and likewise, print advertising has embraced modern advertising to include online promotions, QR codes, social media, and custom-designed landing pages to better track results. While all of these tools are excellent complements to any advertising campaign, truly exceptional print ads start with strong messaging and accurate, eye-catching imagery.

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How the Tablet will Reshape the Digital Future of Print.

I feel like a kid in a candy shop right now, with Willy Wonka himself unveiling his latest and greatest fantastical delicacies, one after another. Right now, we are witnessing a massive change in how we consume media, made possible by the confluence of high-speed wireless connectivity, web standards compliance, new software platforms, and portable, powerful, tactile devices. And as a designer, I couldn't be happier, because it heralds a revolution in design, and a brighter future for books, newspapers, and magazines. Read More...

Print is Dead. Long Live Print.

The numbers don't lie. The entire publishing industry is dying. They blame the internet. They blame television. I blame the industry leaders, for not seeing it coming a decade ago. Read More...

MAN Roland

Based on MAN Roland's corporate design, Jake Garver designed this and many other ads for MAN Roland's North American campaign from 2005-2008. Jake Garver, in collaboration with NAK Marketing, wrote, designed, and produced 4-12 ads per month, managing all files, assets, and artwork from concept to production.

As seen in:
Editor and Publisher
Graphic Design USA
American Printer
Printing Impressions
Graphic Communications World
Graphic Arts Monthly

Chicco Toys

Designed in collaboration with MGMGold Communications, this advertisement sought to capture the energy and excitement a child feels when playing with a new toy. A smart ad designed for kids and parents, the clean and simple design let's the image do the work, with the minimal copy focusing on the toy's developmental benefits.

Natural Source International

Natural Source sought an ad to promote their family of scientifically-tested natural supplements, and needed to feature both of these aspects prominently in the design. A campaign was designed to promote individual products in each of their three product lines, as well as the lines together.  In this example, the ad contains the logos for all three lines as well as images of the products to promote brand recognition.

As seen in Healthy Living Magazine and numerous other publications.

Glendale Aesthetics

Advertisement for medical facility focusing on minor cosmetic and dermatological procedures.  Their apple logo, designed by Jake Garver, is used to express strong and healthy skin, and is a theme that helps carry the message here.

Ad ran in numerous local publications in the Philadelphia area.


Poster Design for TraxRx, a RFID manufacturer.  Based on a logo and website also designed by Jake Garver, the poster uses simple graphics of a metallic globe, combined with a vector RFID device to quickly and elegantly communicate what TraxRx does, without the need for explanatory copy, which would be overlooked in a hectic trade-show environment.

Bacall Precious Jewels

Proposed advertisement for a jewelry line based on the iconic style of Lauren Bacall. A trend-setter on screen and off, the ad needed to reflect the glamour of early Hollywood with a style and sophistication that only Lauren Bacall brings.  Using a quote from the icon herself, the ad uses simple graphics, allowing the power of the jewelry combined with Ms. Bacall’s allure to carry the message.

Mitsubishi Imaging

Known more for it's automobiles, Mitsubishi also has an imaging department that provides professional quality printers and printing supplies. Designed in conjunction with my creative partners at NAK Integrated Marketing, this ad concept was designed in conjunction with a new website we were also designing. Using the common digital blue background and a gentle sloping curve in both places, we were able to establish a strong brand identity.

Due to some internal shakeups, the campaign and website were never fully actualized. However the designs still highlight the same principles of design discussed on this page.


Proposed Ad Concept for Colortech™ Shampoo and Condition.  This product line was designed to address the loss of color that occurs when dyed hair is shampooed repeatedly over time. Models with dyed hair quickly make the visual connection that these products address dyed hair, while a background with a shiny, wavy texture helps express the feeling of healthy, vibrant hair.

Schonfeld Group Holdings

Capitalizing on some great press and a sensational performance in a struggling economy, The Schonfeld Group found itself looking to expand it's infrastructure by acquiring some of the hottest talent on Wall Street with sensational entrepreneurial opportunities. The audience was small, smart and highly specialized, and needed a message that spoke in their language, that of a quantitative trading expert.

The result was a campaign consisting of three ads that echoed the design of their website. Each ad featured a unique landing page URL to better communicate their complex message, and to help track the success of each ad placement.

As seen in:
Bloomberg Markets Magazine
The Wall Street Journal
Hedge Fund Alert

Run Dates:
Fall-Winter 2009

PC Miler

Having previously developed a well-received design concept for a direct mail campaign, I was asked by ALK Technologies to develop a serious of print ads utilizing this design. As the PC*MILER software is designed for the trucking industry, the imagery touched upon a very painful subject – traffic. The appearance of gridlocked traffic communicates the frustration felt and revenue lost while sitting in traffic, helping ALK position itself as the solution to these problems.