Building Better Businesses by Design

Developing and managing your marketing needs grows more complex each and every day, and requires people with the skill and talent to make these efforts bear fruit. Not every business can support internal marketing or creative departments, or afford high priced advertising agencies. This is where I come in. Whether you’re a Marketing Director in need of a skilled Art Director to assist your efforts, or a CEO in need of a Creative Guru to develop your brand identity, my skillset will integrate with your marketing efforts, or provide the creative lead you need to kickstart your marketing endeavors.

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Website Development

Custom-Designed Website Solutions

Each Interactive job brings its own set of challenges, and each demands its own unique solution. My goal is to listen to the needs of my clients, and tailor a custom-built internet identity that meets their demands. The real key is capturing their identity in a way that incorporates the best practices from across the web, while creating something incredibly unique and outstanding in their industry. As a designer who writes his own code, I’m able to understand the intricacies of each project from multiple perspectives. Not only does this eliminate the need for outside programmers, but it helps consolidate the design process and provide you better results.
Website Development
Website Design & Development
Content Refinement
Blog Design
Community Websites
eCommerce Websites
Webhosting & DNS Management

Logo & Brand Identity

Create a Lasting Impression

A well-designed logo defines you brand without even uttering a single word. It is a badge. An insignia. An emblem. It should be shown with pride. And the effort put into it should reflect the time, passion, and dedication you have put into your business. It’s easy to change a website design, a print ad campaign, a trade show display… but the logo should stand the test of time. Nothing else is as good an indicator of the strength of your brand than an identity that endures.
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Office Templates
Business Cards

Marketing Materials

Developing Documents that Sell

Marketing materials have grown to encompass more than just postcards and brochures. Digital media like PowerPoint Presentations, Word documents, PDFs, Sell Sheets, and eNewsletters all make up integral parts of your marketing plan, and their design should present a unified, cohesive, and targeted message that reflects the care and dedication you put into your work.
Marketing Materials
Brochures & Sales Materials
App/Product Identity Design
Trade Show Displays
Package Design

Online Marketing

Connect with your Audience

A successful Internet presence is much more than just a smart looking website. It’s social networking, blogging, developing content, monitoring traffic, creating email campaigns, online promotions, eCommerce, CRM, search engine optimization, community development, and so much more. All of these tools are designed to do one thing – better connect you with your customers. And to do this well, you need someone with experience and understanding to manage your digital marketing endeavors.
Online Marketing
Email Campaigns & Newsletters
Content Development
Traffic Monitoring & Analytics
Search Engine Optimization
Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
Social Media

Print Advertising

Traditional Media Meets Modern Technology

The influence of printed design has been growing on the web, and likewise, print advertising has embraced modern advertising to include online promotions, QR codes, social media, and custom-designed landing pages to better track results. While all of these tools are excellent complements to any advertising campaign, truly exceptional print ads start with strong messaging and accurate, eye-catching imagery.
Print Advertising
Print Ad Design
Poster & Billboard
Postcards & Direct Mail

Maintenance & Support

Establishing Relationships and Managing Growth

For every project, my goal is to establish a productive, ongoing relationship with the client, in order to better meet their continued marketing needs. The days of building a website and letting it sit unattended on the web are over, and continued maintenance and support is essential to keeping your online presence in good standing. Whatever form this relationship takes, from a simple website maintenance plan for minor changes, backups, and updates, to the development on email campaigns, content development, and continued design services, I provide custom-tailored maintenance and support programs to ensure your sales remain pitch perfect.
Maintenance & Support
Website Maintenance
On-Call Tech Support
Content Publication
Social Media Management
Online Marketing
Continued Design Support

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