Mobile Design

Along with the mobile website, Bellefield was looking for guidance on the design of their mobile App. The same vibrant color scheme and UI rules were applied, to create a seamless experience. As the iTimeKeep app works on all devices, this continuity is incredibly helpful when using is toggling between the App and the support website.

Logo Design

But before we could build any of these things, we needed a logo for both Bellefield and the iTimekeep App. A color palette was developed, based on their existing green, and a hand-tweak typeface used for both logos, along with a leaf motif borrowed from their previous branding. The end result was expanded across a family of logos that each have their own unique design working in harmony with one another.

Marketing Materials

Along with the websites and logos, Bellefield needed a full marketing program, including multiple brochures, eBooks, infographics, PowerPoint presentations, Word templates, sell sheet PDFs and a couple of trade show displays.

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